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Podcast: Rays Revolution broadcasts from FanFest 2014

The Rite of Spring

Brian Blanco

Back in 2011 there was a slew of quality Rays podcasts available for your ears: our own Podcast TB Named Later, Future Considerations by Gengler and Grauer, and the Rays Revolution by Matty Sinn and Mike Weber, formerly of

PTBNL has gone by the wayside (thus far), but Matty and Mike have kept theirs going the last three years through a reunion at FanFest. This year was no different, and they were joined by DRaysBay contributor Steve Kinsella and community stalwart Sternfan!

Matty and Mike have given us the privilege of sharing their annual podcast, and for fans of their conversations this is quite a treat. Please enjoy!

Rays Revolution, Live at FanFest 2014

You can follow Mike Weber on twitter @m_weber, and Matty Sinn @mattsinn. You can also follow their guests @Sternfan10 and @Steve_Kinsella1.

Go Rays!