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Joe Maddon's biceps now selling Flex Packs

"Get your Flex On!"

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, our parent hub at SB Nation MLB suggested Joe Maddon should be in contention for the REAL face of MLB (and you can vote by Joe in the comments!). The Rays have proven just how right they could be, they just got the wrong body part.

Joe Maddon's face and biceps are now being used to advertise the Rays' very excellent Flex Pack ticket package!

Billboard via the Tampa Bay Rays Facebook Page

One day this billboard will sadly be taken down, and when it is, I pray to DeJesus that Maddon's forehead and glasses piece (attached to the top) finds its way to Tropicana Field.

I'll be waiting on the more appropriate Joel Peralta billboard for the Spanish-speaking audience next.

Lolcatdb810bbb044b3f4d98cf2b30340ae8ec866a3e70_mediumSource photo: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

You're welcome.