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Early Vegas odds have Rays winning AL East

Take the over.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

An early round of win totals from Vegas has the Rays winning the AL East, according to Bovada.LV

By their rankings, the A's and Tigers would win their divisions, and the Wild Card would be fought for by the Red Sox and Angels(!).

MLB Regular Season Win Totals

Los Angeles Dodgers 92.5

St. Louis Cardinals 90.5

Detroit Tigers 89.5

Oakland Athletics 88.5

Tampa Bay Rays 88.5

Washington Nationals 88.5

Atlanta Braves 87.5

Boston Red Sox 87.5

Los Angeles Angels 86.5

New York Yankees 86.5

San Francisco Giants 86.5

Texas Rangers 86.5

Cincinnati Reds 84.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 83.5

Kansas City Royals 81.5

Seattle Mariners 81.5

Arizona Diamondbacks 80.5

Baltimore Orioles 80.5

Cleveland Indians 80.5

Milwaukee Brewers 79.5

Toronto Blue Jays 79.5

San Diego Padres 78.5

Colorado Rockies 76.5

Philadelphia Phillies 76.5

Chicago White Sox 75.5

New York Mets 73.5

Minnesota Twins 70.5

Chicago Cubs 69.5

Miami Marlins 69.5

Houston Astros 62.5

Start putting in your over/under bets now. Will the Blue Jays be under 80 wins? (maybe)

Can the White Sox do better than 75? (Jose Abreu says take the over)

Are the Yankees a third place team? (most likely)