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Report: Recently traded Todd Glaesmann placed on Voluntarily Retired list

Jim Donten

Outfield prospect Todd Glaesmann, named the Rays 2012 minor league  player of the year, was the only player sent to the Diamondbacks to complete the Ryan Hanigan trade.

Team Sent Received
Arizona Heath Bell Todd Glaesmann
David Holmberg Justin Choate
Cincinnati Ryan Hanigan David Holmberg
Tampa Bay Todd Glaesmann Ryan Hanigan
Justin Choate Heath Bell

At the time, Glaesmann was listed as a PTBNL due to the Rule 5 draft, but prior to the announcement, Diamonbacks GM Kevin Towers expressed his excitement for the mystery prospect:

"I would say the player to be named later is someone we value as a prospect," Towers said. "Of course, we can't announce who that is yet. That's not taking anything away from Choate. But I'd say probably the key player in the deal, with the players from Tampa Bay, will be the player to be named later."

Now it would seem the Diamonbacks did not recieve exactly what they thought they would:

We will update if any news is available. This is quite surprising and unfortunate.

According to one D'Backs beat writier, Glaesmann confirms he is retiring.