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Rays Tank: Truck Day (was Thursday)

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Back on Thursday, the Rays packed up the equipment to head to Port Charlotte. The Trucks actually left on Friday. This is a really exciting time for fans from around the country. It seems like less of a big deal when the trucks are only going to drive for an hour.

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I wonder how much money the Rays save on truck rentals? How much of that is going into payroll? Hmmm?

Geoff at Roto Value has tested many of the 2013 projection systems (h/t tango) against actual results for hitters. He'll do pitchers next. Steamer did really well. That's what I'm using this year for my Cyborg Projections (Rays pitchers coming today or tomorrow). So can you beat Steamer?

Evan Kendall at Beyond the Box Score took a look at the top WAR seasons of the past decade from players without power (fewer than 20 home runs). The top one is a Ray. Can you identify who and when?

I am truly loving the new Hardball Times. Today's offering: The Tale of the Forgotten Moose.

Last week, we posted a link to one article that's up for the SABR Analytics Research Awards, but go ahead and read them all, and then vote for your favorite on FanGraphs.