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Happy 60th Birthday, Joe Maddon!

Brian Blanco

Today, Joe Maddon celebrates his 60th birthday!

Hired in 2005 and entering his ninth season with the franchise, he is the third longest tenured manager in major league baseball, and part of the longest tenured manager-GM combo with Andrew Friedman; and if I may say, he has never looked better.

Joe is known for an iconic style. We've seen many styles of glasses and hair from Joe over the years, including some clear frame horn rimmed glasses mid-season, but his recent switch to thicker frames and black sunglasses (compared to the white of old), and the decision to not dye his hair, are his best choices yet.

He's aged like a fine wine.

I kid, but the Rays kid too. In jest, the team released the following video of Joe Maddon ranting about his age as a commercial for the quite lucrative Flex Passes the Rays are offering this year.

Go out and celebrate Merlot Joe's 60th and get yourself a Flex Pass. I'm sure it will mean a lot to the guy!

We raise a glass of wine to you, coach!

Keep the Rays quick on the base paths, strong in their motivation, deeply rooted in their philosophy, never changing in their line up, and maintaining that loose atmosphere that lets this team thrive. And thank you, for your investments in the community, for your commitment, and your leadership.

We love watching you manage, and to hope we see you in the Rays dugout 'til your next decade.