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2014 Rays premier on Sun Sports this Sunday

Jayson Nix makes this look easy
Jayson Nix makes this look easy
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We'be had a few blessed TV games this Spring, but they've all been behind the paywall of -- this Sunday, the Rays make their local debut on the tube.

The Rays host the Red Sox at 1:05 PM in Port Charlotte, and the broadcast will be live on Sun Sports. Following the broadcast will debut their "Tampa Bay Rays 2014 Season Preview."

The hour-long special will be hosted by Todd Kalas, and will feature the insights we normally on get a glimpse of:

Joe Maddon will talk at length about a championship atmosphere, Dewayne Staats will project the 25-man roster, Kelly Nash sits down with David Price, and there will be segments on Maddon's RV, our top prospect Jake Odorizzi, and Durham Bulls Triple-A Manager Charlie Montoyo.

Welcome back, television.

The following game (Tuesday) will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports 1, and Wednesday's game will be carried by Baltimore and available on This will be followed by a lull until Sunday, when the following four games will be broadcast.

You can view the full Spring broadcast schedule here.