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Rays vs. Braves GDT: B.J. Upton goes to Disneyworld

Unfortunately, it looks like we only get one Upton on this particular day.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lineups courtesy of ol' Marccy Top:

Rays Lineup

Jennings cf
Nix 3b
Joyce lf
Myers rf
Moore dh
Sands 1b
Molina c
Figueroa 2b
Olmedo ss
Archer rhp

Braves lineup

Heyward rf
Upton cf
Freeman 1b
Doumit dh
Johnson 3b
Uggla 2b
Simmons ss
Laird c
Schafer lf
Hale rhp

Is that an Elliot Johnson at third base I espy? Nope. It's some other guy.

No TV, but the Braves have a radio broadcast available via