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Rays vs. Pirates vs. Blue Jays GDT: Splitty split-squad game

Bedard, Ramos, and Odorizzi will all be pitching today.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Odorizzi and Cesar Ramos will be playing against the Pirates in Bradenton. Erik Bedard will be in Port Charlotte playing against the Toronto Kawasaki-Navarro Pumpkins. Both games are on radio. Good luck listening to both.


If'n you want to play baseball, but only have 12 people, it's totally possible to play a three-team game of baseball. The most important thing to have is equal pitching talent spread across the three teams. That's where it can get tricky.

But you have three parts to an inning -- top, middle, bottom -- and you rotation the positions each inning third. It's up to the two defending teams to field the best possible defense.

If you have a legit pitcher, then it can get problematic. One solution: No walks, no strikeouts. Make every PA end with a ball in play. Granted, a decent pitcher will still make it very difficult for the other teams, but hey, sometimes that's just baseball.