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The Rays Tank: Happy St. Pat's

Blue seats, green hats.
Blue seats, green hats.
Kevork Djansezian

I don't know what the Rays will be doing for St. Patrick's Day, but at least we're not the Mets (Cue hate mail from Met's fans -- seriously, I get this every time I type those words. Someone must have a strange google alert.)

Jeff Zimmerman looked at the relationship between speed and isolated power, using Ben Zobrist as one of his examples.

So hope that Wil Myers's bruised quad doesn't linger, as that would surely lower his ISO due to doubles and triples.

Now do we think that Logan Forsythe will get time in the outfield?

From Marc Topkin, Alex Cobb has had a difficult life so far, and he credits that for making him who he is now.

And, touchy feely from Roger Mooney about David Price.

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight relaunches today, allegedly. To get pumped, read this New York Mag interview with Silver.

Chris St. John at Beyond the Box Score aggregated all the available Rays' prospect rankings, and made a pretty box and whiskers graph (which, incidentally, will be the name of the pub I plan to someday open).

Cal Ripken had some nice words for Joe Maddon (Tampa Bay Times).