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Rays vs. Orioles GDT: Myers, Joyce, and friends

The Rays send just a few regulars down to Oriolestown.

Jim Rogash

Lineup courtesy of Marcy Topz:

Rays lineup:
Myers rf
Betemit 1b
Joyce LF
s-Rod 2b
forsythe 3b
guyer cf
nix SS
sands DH
Casali c
Lowe p

Marc also says we've got Jake McGee, Josh Lueke, Steve Geltz and Juan Sandoval pitching today too. Lemme pause a moment to say how happy I am Sandoval is not only on this team, but getting a chance to showcase himself.

Sports are all about stories. If it was about just winning a championship, then it would be more of a mathematical exercise. And Sandoval's got a pretty cool story, from what little of it we've had the chance to hear. So I wish him all of the luck.

Game's on Baltimore TV.