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Rays vs. Blue Jays GDT: Bedard's last shot

It's hard to imagine Erik Bedard will crack the rotation if he can't maintain control and balance his Ks and BBs today.

Marcy T. gives us the lineup:

Rays lineup
Zobrist 2b
DeJesus lf
Longoria 3b
Loney 1b
Myers rf
Jennings cf
Escobar ss
Hanigan dh
Casali c
Bedard lhp

And here's the lineup from the Blue Jays -- who apparently expect that adding "-Official" to their Twitter account makes them look more legit. Yeah, nice try, Canada.

It looks like Dan Johnson and Munenori Kawasaki are still on the roster, so there's still hope they'll replace Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista on the opening day roster.