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Rays vs. Orioles GDT: TELL US WHO WON!

Maddon has yet been mum about the No. 5 spot.

Joey Smithy gives us the lineups:

Rays lineup
DeJesus cf
Zobrist dh
Longoria 3b
Loney 1b
Myers rf
Escobar ss
Molina c
Nix 2b
Guyer lf
Cobb rhp

Orioles lineup
Weeks 2b
Reimold dh
Urrutia rf
Young lf
Clevenger c
Pearce 1b
Casilla ss
Berry cf
Almanzar 3b
Jimenez rhp

If you're out there Joe Smith, writer for the Tampa Bay Times, and you can hear me, tell me: Is it difficult not finding yourself in a Google search? Or is it comforting? Or perhaps it gives you something to aspire to. I don't know. For you see, I am the only Bradley Woodrum in the history of everything. It's kinda lonely. But somewhere out there, I imagine there's a huge distant fraternity of Joe Smiths and Matt Moores and Rob Johnsons and Jose Cruz's.

Anyway, the Orioles are sending out a top flight lineup, featuring none other than Steve Pearce! Steve Clevenger! Henry Urrutia! Is that Jemile Weeks?! Oh, turns out he's in the 2B competition. Go figure.


(Just a radio game today.)