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Rays Tank: Matt Moore's jaw okay

The Rays got a scare yesterday when a comebacker deflected off Matt Moore's glove and hit him in the face.

After making the play, Moore left the field on a golf cart to undergo tests, but no concussion symptoms were found, and he was not hospitalized. Oh, and Matt Joyce hit a home run off Felix Doubront.

David Laurila talked to Logan Forsythe and to Joe Maddon about Forsythe. Maddon, in addition to praising Forsythe's zone consciousness, showed why I'd rather have him than any other manager. When asked a question that he didn't have hard data to answer with he said:

I can’t say for certain, but thin-slicing it, you’re probably right.

We often forget that park effects aren't just about home runs. In the Tampa Bay Times, Evan Longoria

muses on how the new concourse at The Trop will influence batters' vision.

Chris Cotillo has updated an earlier article, stating that Erik Bedard will not opt out if he's sent to the bullpen.

Jeff Sullivan investigates bunting to beat the shift, using fair/foul numbers and lots of pictures. Carlos Pena was the undisputed leader in bunting against the shift, so Sullivan looks at how the Rays positioned their defense against him last season.

Ryan Romano at Beyond the Box Score looks at pitchers who throw many of a certain secondary pitch relative to their fastball. Two former Rays made the leaderboard, one for his curve and one for his cutter. Can you guess who they are?

Apparently, James Shields has taken Stephen Strasburg under his wing.