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Know your Rays: roundup and historical offense (Monday)

A very fun game.

Jaqawn Raymond
Jaqawn Raymond
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Monday (Matt Joyce); Tuesday (David DeJesus, an Evan Longoria lookalike); Wednesday (Wil Myers); Thursday (Ben Zobrist, a James Loney lookalike); Friday (Sean Rodriguez); Saturday (Jose Molina)

Sunday: Sunday's Ray looked remarkably like Saturday's (Jose Molina), only better. The general shape of the zones is the same, but the player is overall a bit less aggressive, and the center of his hot zones are inside the strikezone, not outside of it. Everyone who answered got it right. This mystery Ray was Yunel Escobar.

That means that Andy Hellicksonstine maintained a narrow lead to win the week 5 to 4 over TBRaysfan009.

The lifetime tallies:

Winner Times Won
Andy Hellicksonstine 2
BeantownRaysFan 1

This week is going to have a different look. Less squinting and more remembering.

It's a sporcle quiz, and you need to name all the rays players who received 50 plate appearances in 2013. They're listed by their wOBA. In the comments, report how many you got right, and your time. You could cheat, but why would you? I mean, the stakes could hardly be lower. Each day we'll step back a year.