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Know your Rays: historical offense (Thursday)

A very fun game.

Desmond Raymond
Desmond Raymond
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monday (2013); Tuesday (2012); Wednesday (2011)

Here's the current standings, but competition is still open on all days. If you go back and post a score to put yourself in the top five for a day, let me know.

2013 2012 2011
#1 (5 points)
Brickhaus Daniel Russell
#2 (4 points)
Daniel Russell Andy Hellicksonstine, Daniel Russel, TBRaysfan009
#3 (3 points)
Andy Hellicksonstine, Bradley Woodrum, TBRaysfan009, Noles95' Andy Hellicksonstine, Noles95', TBRaysfan009, Brickhaus ramedy

Now we move back to the 2010 offense. Once again, players are listed in order of decreasing wOBA. In the comments, report how many you got right and your time remaining (if you get all 17 correct).

Making this puzzle reminded me just how much better the team got for the playoff run, particularly against a certain handedness of pitcher.