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Rays vs. Yankees GDT: Archer Archer Archer

In addition to this Archer, the other Archer, the TV show one, just had Season 4 added to Netflix.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Another radio game. :/

Here's this. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm expecting it's funny. I can't watch it because I haven't seen all of Season 4 yet:

It's probably NSFW, but since it's a Sunday and since you, really, all of us here, are probably unemployed: Awhutevz.

So FanGraphs has the top of the AL East (the Red Sox) separated from the bottom of the AL East (the Orioles) by a span of just 9 wins. If we believe that any one season has 10 games of just random-ass chance, then this division is essentially going to be a firestorm.

It makes sense then, that 5 of the toughest 8 projected schedules are the AL East team. This has me thinking: Is it possible these AL East monsters whip each other up so much that this division is won by an 88- or 89-win team? Moreover, is it possible the AL East will not have a Wild Card team for the first time since 2006? Is it possible the division will be too good for a team to get enough in-division wins to secure one of those two Wild Card slots?

It's a fascinating, troubling trail of contemplation. Let's hope the Rays are good enough to make it all moot.