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Rays at Reds GDT 2: Let's name the positive things about Cincinatti


Cincinnati, circa 1914
Cincinnati, circa 1914
Pubz Domain

Great things about Cincinnati:

  • Skyline chili.

True story: I visited Cincinnati in or near 2007. Drove up there from Panama City with three friends to watch the Reds and, I think, Cubs play. In the evening before the game, must have been 11pm or so, we drove to this ghetto Krystals to get some late night food. It was bizarre. The people you see (a) in Cincinnati, (b) in Cincinnati evenings, and (c) in Krystals restaurants in general are like characters from a Wes Anderson. They're equally unforgettable and unimaginable.

"I don't know if you guys have been into the men's bathroom recently--" it was a tall, chubby man talking; he appeared to have a mild cognitive disorder, and he loved to chat with the women behind the counter; the women, to whom he addressed the question, were politely enthusiastic "--but the toilet is OVER. FLOWING." The man wasn't offended. He was excited. As though he uncovered a secret treasure.


The Rays have a big advantage in this pitching matchup. The Fangraphs scoreboard puts the Rays' odds at 54% entering this game. That's pretty good.

I like these old panoramics. But man, Cincy looks like a rough town, even then.