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Rays vs. Yankees GDT 3: The Yankees are kinda terrible

Let's see why.

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When you think about it, The Last of the Mohicans is really about the Yankees trying to kill underdogs, but then handsome underdogs winning in their own small way. Kinda like the fight between the Rays and Yankees, but less severe.

The way of the Yankees is that of ruthless occupation (think: the purchase of Manhattan island, the trail of tears, and Friday nights at the Trop when New York is in town) and heartless, aggressive subjugation. Consider the differences as noted by Hawkeye in Mohicans:

Would the Huron make his Algonquin brothers
foolish with brandy and steal his lands to sell
them for gold to the white man? Would the
Huron have greed for more land than a man
can use? Like Francais Black Robes do?
Would Huron kill tribes with disease? Would
the Huron fool Seneca into taking all the
animals in the forest for beads & brandy? But
sell the fur to the white man for gold? ...
(to Sachem)
Those are the ways of Yengeese and Les
Francais masters.

At some point, we have to accept that the New York Yengeese are the on the wrong side of history.