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Help wanted: Multimedia Coordinator

Inquire within.

Everybody likes videos.
Everybody likes videos.
Jonathan Daniel

What makes a person a baseball fan? Some people say it's watching baseball on TV. Others believe fandom means criticizing the players incessantly when they lose. A small number of people even think being a fan means actually going to games.

I think they're all wrong. Being a baseball fan is about watching Shane Victorino fall down over, and over, and over again.



That's why I'd like to "hire" a multimedia coordinator for DRaysBay.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Watch most of the games.
  • Create, in something approaching real-time, animated gifs or still pictures of whatever interesting happen.
  • Write a short bit of commentary about the image you've created (so that it's fair use -- law is funny).
  • Post/tweet.

Your rewards would include:

  • You can basically write your own title. Multimedia Coordinator. Videographer. Cinematographer. Defender of the Faith (Did you know that when the English kings call themselves this, they mean the Catholic faith? Sort of funny that they still use it).
  • A very small amount of money a month. In New York, it would be the equivalent of me buying you about six beers. In other parts of the country, that may go further.
  • You'll get a lot of twitter followers, I imagine. Maybe you can monetize them.
  • If you ever get sick, I promise to email Joe Maddon and ask him to say "Win one for the gif'er."

If you think you're right for this "job," email me. You can find my address by clicking on my name at the top of this story.