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The Rays Tank: Extra innings night, day game day

Scott Iskowitz

Extra innings the evening prior to a day game are never ideal, and are especially unenjoyable when the result is a loss at the hands of a worn out bullpen and wasted offensive opportunities.

Don't be mistaken, the bullpen did their job, covering 8.2 innings at the hands of Brandon Gomes, Heath Bell, Jake McGee, Joel Peralta, Grant Balfour and Josh Lueke; 7.2 of those scoreless.

Erik Bedard will make today's start, and the Rays need him to have a strong showing, as there isn't much left in means of fresh arms. Per Joe Maddon, they "definitely need some innings" from Bedard, and post game Maddon still wasn't sure if a move would be made for additional relief help.

After today's game, the team embarks on a 10-game road trip against the White Sox, Red Sox and Yankees. Hopefully they leave on a high note.

"Use pine tar," they say... "You won't get caught," they say...

Yeah, Pineda, not your smartest move, buddy. We already wondered about you dippin' into the tar on April 10th, and last night you didn't do much, if anything, to hide it.

(Sidenote, the comment chain under this particular tweet are pretty amusing.)

From our wise friend Gabe Kapler:


- There's a mysterious toilet emblazoned with a Rays logo in the dugout, with the significance remaining a team secret for now. I can already think of a few not-so-friendly meanings the fan base that lurks this comment section will come up with for this one...

- Fangraphs calculated the most improved pitchers thus far by projected WAR, with Chris Archer making the five-player list at number four.

- The tricky task of simulating and identifying platoon players, from Hardball Times. Multiple former Rays mentioned, along with David DeJesus.

- Really interesting look at the pace of the pitchers at Beyond the Box Score, and whether they're consistent, or if pitchers with more pitches in their repertoire are slower, due to having more options.

- Happy 100th Anniversary, Wrigley Field. Kleenex appreciates you and the Cubs for your support, year after year.

- Nick Young: stick to basketball.

- Thanks to Ryan Gillis for sharnig this - a map from the NY Times showing which baseball teams are most popular with Facebook fans in every ZIP code. Thoughts?