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Rays at White Sox GDT 1: Sweet home Chicago

Blues music!


Up until last fall, I lived about 10 blocks from the White Sox stadium, down in the Bridgeport neighborhood. I really love Chicago. And I really like the Bridgeport neighborhood. I miss it.

But I don't miss the weather. It's in the mid-70s here on the panhandle. Tonight's game is going to be in the 50s. My friends were recently shoveling snow. No thanks.Moreover, White Sox fans. Eh. I got to see Dan Johnson's 9th inning dinger in 2011, that late-inning homer that snapped the 0-6 start. First win of the season. I was there.

But you'd think we'd shoved someone from the upper deck by the way we got booed leaving the stadium. I knew the White Sox roster better than the bros sitting behind me, but on the merit of Dan Johnson's heroics, suddenly I'm a second-class citizen. Whatever.Side note: Chicago is the most racist city I've ever been to.