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Evan Longoria ties franchise record for home runs

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Longoria tied Carlos Pena for the Rays franchise record with career HR No. 163 in the 7th inning last night. The entire moment was fantastic.

Dewayne Staats had just finished describing the previous pitch by Brandon Morrow as "not in a good location" when both announcers saw Longoria whallop the same pitch.

"Oh there you go." -- "OH! There's a long shot!"

The video is still not available to embed, so to watch it travel here.

I've done my best to make a GIF for your enjoyment, though, so if it's not already running, "click to embiggen" and it should dance:


The Rays bats had been silent to longballs prior to the three-run shot -- although there had been plenty of doubles -- and waiting until the fourth game for a home run was the longest longball drought to start the season in franchise history. About time a bat woke up!

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