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Rays 2014 Minor League depth chart

Check out where the top prospects are playing

Kevin Kiermaier is patrolling center field for Durham
Kevin Kiermaier is patrolling center field for Durham
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the minor league season is underway, we're rebooting the DRaysBay minor league depth chart. I do my best to update whenever there are transactions, but I can't promise I won't be a few days behind at some point. I limited myself to listing players at only one position on the depth chart, so while Cole Figueroa is listed as a shortstop, he'll probably play around the entire infield. Wilson Betemit isn't listed as a starter, but it's a good bet he's playing just about every day.

The rotations are listed in the order the pitchers go in. In the bullpen, I listed the closer in the top spot and then just went alphabetically the rest of the way. No one has recording a save for Bowling Green yet, so they're just in alphabetical order.

The extended spring training roster is based on this list from Stacy Long, and I've also added Jose Mujica and Jose Castillo. If anyone has any explanation for why neither appeared on a spring training roster all season, I'd be really interested to hear it.

I used the writers' top 30 prospect list for that designation, not Baseball America's. If there are any mistakes or changes that could be made, please let me know.