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Matt Moore elbow injury update

Ed Zurga

The Rays have still not released any information regarding Matt Moore's sore elbow from last night's game, but if anything, we now know he will be headed to the disabled list.

Marc Topkin is reporting that Durham reliever Jeff Beliveau, who was promoted four times last season (culminating in one appearance), is on his way to Kansas City. This indicates a roster move is forthcoming, and that Moore will at least be placed on the DL.

Beliveau is already on the 40-man roster from last season, and his lone appearance came in late September against the Blue Jays. Facing four batters, Beliveau worked a groundout and flyout with a runner on, then a walk and a line drive before he was lifted. Using classifications at Brooks, Beliveau has a five pitch mix of a Fourseam (90mph), Cutter (86mph), Change (80mph), Slider (80mph), and Curve (77mph) -- though he tends to ride the fastball throughout.

The leading candidate to replace Moore in the rotation might be Erik Bedard, who was pitching on the same schedule in Durham's rotation last night.

UPDATE - 4:15 PM

UPDATE - 5:00 PM

Matt Moore officially on the disabled list:

We will update this thread as news breaks.

UPDATE - 7:11 PM

The moral of this story is that you should be following Marc Topkin on twitter. The other moral is that, while we all hope Moore is okay, pitchers are risky investments. This is why top hitting prospects are worth more than top pitching prospects, and why depth is so important. You can never have too many arms, because you probably don't have enough.