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Rays vs. Royals GDT 3: I remember Jeremy Guthrie

A facie notum et ignotum. Quia in tempus, et recordatus sum oblitus.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Like a specter from my mind's mists,
like the highwayman appearing from behind the wood,
musket in hand, clothes atattered,
you were there Jeremy Guthrie.

Like a river dried and cracked,
like a river renewed with acid rain,
all grays and greens,
thick like an industrial paste.

Like a tempest pouring into the coast,
like a hurricane, black on the horizon,
but only category two
and promising a damp afternoon.

Like a boogeyman deep under my bed,
like a monster's fingers scratching at my closet door,
I'm embarrassed I was ever intimated by you Jeremy Guthrie.
You're not even a prospect anymore.


Daniel Cabrera, age 26. Erik Bedard, age 28. Jeremy Guthrie, age 28. Brian Burres, age 26. Garrett Olson, major league ready and just age 23. Remember back in 2007 when it looked like the Orioles had an impressive stable of young pitching?

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