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Rays vs. Indians GDT 3: Happy birthday, Salvador Dali

Just down the road from Tropicana Field, I imagine the Dali museum is having some melting-clock soiree.

Pub Dizzy

Salvador Dali painted some weird things. That's what he's known for now, the weird.

But anyone who visits the Dali museum out in St. Pete will get acquainted with this fact: You can't do weird without mastering normal. The first part of the first wing has a collection of early Dali works. And it's like watching a genius alien virus assimilate all of art history. Dali began by mimicking the masters across all eras of art history, then, with no more fields to conquer, he began pioneering new worlds of art.

This a lesson that applies across multiple arenas. Whether we are Dali fans or not, we must admit his work displays a mastery of craft and an innovative freshness. If the Rays want to use their innovation, they must first and foremost master their baseball craft.

Did you know the Rays are third in position player WAR? If Sandy is right about the inflated park adjustment numbers, then maybe their 7.3 WAR is a bit zealous. Either way, the team's pitching performance (2.2 WAR, good for 22nd in the league) effectively undoes whatever good will their defense and hitting offers.

Moreover, their 92 wRC+ in high leverage situation undoes whatever good their 108 wRC+ in normal leverage situations does.

Let's hope they start channelling their inner Dali. And by that I mean, let's hope they grow super long legs because that seems like it could be an advantage.