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Rays at Mariners GDT 1: Woodstock, Washington

And an excuse to talk Richie Havens.

Pubby Dibz

The Rays are celebrating a Woodstock-themed West Coast trip because Woodstock is, well, it's on the East Coast, but whatever. Who doesn't like Woodstock?

And let's take this moment of diverse to talk about Richie Havens and the opening act of Woodstock. Havens was told to play an extra long set because weather had delayed the other musicians. After about two hours, he improvised the song "Freedom" to end his set. It's based on an old spiritual, and it's about the most amazing musical experience since God sang the world into existence:

Dude just plays himself off the stage. "So long, Woodstock; I just blew your mind."

The drummers don't stop.