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Ben Zobrist injures thumb, leaves game

Otto Greule Jr

Ben Zobrist has been pulled in the 5th inning of the Rays-Mariners game for an apparent thumb injury. With 1 out and David DeJesus batting, Zobrist made an attempt to steal 2nd base. DeJesus struck out and Ben was tagged out for an inning-ending double play, but as he slid you can clearly see him grab his thumb in pain.


I'm no doctor, but I do have a giffin' machine and a television, and from my perspective it looked like he jammed it trying to do that weird "slide around the tag" he and Wil Myers are so fond of. I am awaiting your call Dr. James Andrews M.D.


It wouldn't be a sports injury if it didn't come with a sickening slo-mo replay. I get that GIFs don't come with sound but I swear every time I watch this I hear a low-pitched scream coming all the way from Seattle.