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GDT: Peavy's got more than a feeling

They taught me to do close readings in high school. Thanks, Mr. Kaufman.

Got your ticket to Splittsville?
Got your ticket to Splittsville?
Andy King

I woke up this morning and the sun was gone (because you're in a dome)
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away (into last place)

So many people have come and gone (Manny Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Terry Francona)
Their faces fade as the years go by
Yet I still recall as I wander on
As clear as the sun in the summer sky (in a dome - this is irony)

When I'm tired and thinking cold (when are you not thinking cold, Boston?)
I hide in my music, forget the day
And dream of a girl I used to know (playoff hopes)
I closed my eyes and she slipped away
She slipped away


Big splits from both pitchers today. Check them out in the series preview.