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Brandon Guyer sent to DL with fractured thumb; Alex Colome called up

Colome will pitch out of the bullpen.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rays outfielder Brandon Guyer has been sent to the disabled list with a fractured thumb, according to Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times. His spot will be filled on the major league team by pitching prospect Alex Colome, who will reinforce the bullpen.

Apparently, Guyer suffered his injury when he tried to catch a Grady Sizemore fly ball yesterday. It's just the latest in a string of bad luck for Guyer that has included a torn labrum in 2012 and another broken finger in 2013.

Tweeted Smith:

With Ben Zobrist due back on the 30th, Guyer's injury will mean that for the next week Maddon will likely need to play either Matt Joyce or David DeJesus -- two players who really should be platooned -- against lefties. By regressing handedness splits with Steamer projections, we arrive at a projection against lefties.

Player Projection
Brandon Guyer 0.309
David DeJesus 0.290
Matt Joyce 0.302

The Rays face lefty Mark Buehrle tomorrow.

Replacing Guyer will be starting pitching prospect Alex Colome, who's pitched eleven innings for Charlotte this year after serving a 50 game PED suspension. More from Smith:

To get a sense of what Colome can provide, read Michael's scouting report from the beginning of the season. To pull a quote:

As we saw in Colome's brief stint in the majors, his electric stuff gives him some of the highest upside in the system. His primary weapon is a mid-90's rising fastball (averaged 94.80 mph in the majors), a pitch that garners plus to plus-plus grades. For the longest time, Colome backed that up with a plus tight curveball around 80 mph, but the usage has ebbed to the point where he did not throw it in a game in the majors or any game of his I observed in the minors this past season. Whether or not its usage was curtailed for developmental reasons or personal preference is up for debate with no clear answer. With his curve ball out of the picture, Colome started throwing a cutter/slider in 2012, a pitch that is now his most promising offspeed weapon. Coming in at the upper-80s, it is capable of sawing bats, though he needs to continue sharpening his consistency and command of the pitch. As we saw in his major league debut, Colome has greatly improved his change-up during the past two years, as it now flashes above average, though the two disclaimers that apply to the cutter also apply to the pitch.

You can also check out my PITCHf/x breakdown of Colome's first start last season.