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The Rays Tank: still loving the Wil Myers inside the park 3 run Homerun

Al Bello

Yesterday the Rays sealed their first back-to-back series wins of the season, against divisional opponents no less.

The Rays staked their victory on another superior performance by Wil Myers in Yankee Stadium, starting with a long shot and a bat toss, then him stepping on the gas when it became clear the ball dropped in off the top of the wall. Watch it again and again:

With his performance in their park, we need to lock this kid up before the Yanks get a bright idea come free agency.

Joe Maddon was very pleased with the week that was, particularly given the grueling circumstances of a losing streak in April and two tough divisional series on the road:

I am so impressed with our guys and their ability to stay motivated. It's pretty amazing. If you're a Rays fan you've got to be proud of your players right now." [Tampa Bay Times]

Heading into last week, only 17% of those who voted in our poll expected the Rays to win four of more games.

Before leaving New York, the Zobrists were on Fox this morning to promote their co-autobiography:

Your must watch this Monday morning, however, is more sobering. Here's a look into the fall of Matt Bush:

What could have been, had he stayed sober for just one more week.

Prior to his final arrest, when Bush looked primed to join the Rays bullpen, Kinsella provided an indepth look at the former No. 1 pick.


- ICYMI: The Rays designated Heath Bell for assignment to make room for Nate Karns on a one-day promotion, in case Erik Bedard imploded -- he didn't, and Karns is expected to be swapped out for Brad Boxberger. If Bell does not consent to a minor league assignment (thereby being sent through waivers), the Rays have ten days to trade or cut the reliever still owed $4.4M for the rest of the season.

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