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Rays Tank: Bad day, late tank

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's always tough to take when the relative strength of the team lets them down. As Erik recapped, Chris Archer failed to work late into yesterday's game, and then Joel Peralta gave a dud of an appearance. Perhaps depressed by the game I didn't watch, I was slow to get up today, and didn't remember it was my turn to tank until just a short while ago. Sorry.


Noah Woodward gets deep into the question of what makes a good fastball.

Tommy Rancel wonders if the Rays (and the Athletics) have found a new market inefficiency in low-strikeout players (despite strikeouts being on the rise around the league).

At TPR, Tommy Rancel analyzes the early season process for Desmond Jennings, James Loney, and Matt Joyce.

Also at TPR, Jason Collette does the same for David Price.

David Price and Chris Archer were in the Fan Cave.

Chris Moran notes that Yaisel Puig has made an adjustment to major league pitchers in his second year in the bigs, and has become a more disciplined hitter. Can Wil Myers do the same?