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Ray Tank: Where do late tanks come from? Baltimore.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This one is entirely on me not knowing the day of the week. Promise we're going to be in the swing of things by Monday.

The Rays rallied in the ninth, but came up short against Tommy Hunter, as Kyle recaps. By doing so, they failed to capitalize on a winnable start from Cesar Ramos.

We got to grumble about the special perks Boston gets when they scheduled a double header without the consent of the Rays and the players union. It's behind the pay wall, but Zachary Levine at Baseball prospectus dove into the collective bargaining agreement, to find other instances of special considerations. It turns out that the Rays have one. Because they're spring training facility is near to their home park, they don't have to spend as much putting players and their families up in hotels.

Major League Baseball is going after podcasts.

An in-depth look from The Hardball Times on the effect of extra-inning games.

And lastly, it's the NFL draft. Here's the Bucs Nation Open Thread. I like Mike Evans as much as the next guy, but I'd rather move down and bank the picks.