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Casey [Gillaspie] at The Trop

The Rays first-round draft pick gets a tour.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rays first-round draft pick, Casey Gillaspie, signed early and is headed today to Hudson Valley. Yesterday, though, the Rays gave him a tour of Tropicana Field and released some video.

The Rays scouting director, RJ Harrison, DEFINITELY WOULD NOT COMPARE CASE GILLASPIE TO EVAN LONGORIA. But that's what he did.

First-round draft picks put their pants on just like everyone else, I imagine, but Casey Gillaspie did have some trouble putting on his uniform:

When confronted with reporters, Gillaspie said all the right things. Apparently they teach media relations at Wichita State better than they teach self-dressing. That makes for a rather boring interview. After every question, though, he gives a little smile that I interpret as "This is amazing! I don't believe I get to give these boring answers now too!"

I'll be heading to Hudson Valley soon to check the new Rays hitter out. Can't wait.