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Rays Tank: Series win!

One at a time.

Bob Levey

The Rays won their first series of the season yesterday, taking the rubber-match from the Astros 4-3. Brett recaps, with GIFs.

The deciding hit came on a broken-bat RBI from Jerry Sands. Jamie Ross of has a light little piece about historical game-winning broken-bat RBIs that made me laugh. Some good comparables for Sands.

David Laurila has a series of interviews about fathers, including a sections from Dave Martinez and Wil Myers. Strangely, Martinez and Myers appear to have had the same father. Do you think they knew before now? Awkward.

Other Links

Jesse Wolfersberger has a great article at The Hardball Times about the non-linear nature of wOBA. The difference is small, but increasing team wOBA creates more additional runs if you already have a team with a high wOBA, and fewer additional runs if you already have a team with a low wOBA. Wolfersberger's conclusion is that this means good offensive teams should acquire more offense, and good run-preventing teams should acquire more run prevention. That's true for run probability, but I wonder if it's actually true for win probability?

In the same category, Bill Skelton has enhanced Tom Tango's run expectancy matrix tool, and it's available on Tango's site.

MLB is starting to use and release it's statcast data.

Other Other Links

Preview on Ghana.

Not sure if this will be it, but here's one take on a probable lineup. I don't like it. Brad Davis is fine as a left-foot off the bench, but starting? Defensive liability. On the bright side, more dangerous Ghana attacks should come down our right flank, where Zusi/Johnson are more defensively able than Davis/Beasley.