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Rays Tank: Worst team?

The Rays now hold the worst record in the American League.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Strangely, though, for how bad it may feel like they've played, by run differential they're only middle of the pack. I'm sure that will make you feel good about their chances.

The biggest Rays news, though (if you weren't watching yesterday), is that Wil Myers has been sent to the disabled list with a sprained wrist. Jerry Sands was called up to replace him.

David Laurila talked to Joe Maddon about the Rays-Red Sox brawl and Jonny Gomes.

Other Links

Steve Staude has a really cool tool for calculating series win probabilities.

Nick Ashbourne asks whether splitter-throwing pitchers (like Joel Peralta, Alex Cobb, and Jake Odorizzi) break DIPS.

From Friday, The New York Time's The Upshot blog has an interesting snippet about how Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale changed the way players negotiated with teams.