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Re-introducing the Rays 2014 minor league depth chart

All of the affiliates are in action now

Ryne Stanek leads an interesting Bowling Green rotation
Ryne Stanek leads an interesting Bowling Green rotation
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

With short-season ball in full swing, it's a good time to bring attention back to our minor league depth chart which can be accessed at any time.  It's simple and colorful.

Many players will appear regularly at more than one position, but I tried to find the best fit for each player only listing them once.  I made an effort to keep the rotations in the order they pitched in, and I also tried to keep the closers at the top of the relief lists.  Otherwise, they're just in alphabetical order.

I try to update this every Saturday, but if anyone tried viewing it the last three weeks, they would've seen that it isn't always the case.  If I smell a paper move (temporarily assigning a player to one roster without actually sending him there with the intention of re-activating him again in a few days), I generally ignore it.

I eliminated the extended spring training list because those players are now dispersed to the different short-season affiliates.  They're allowed to have bigger rosters, so there are some odd occurrences (Princeton's 300 man bullpen or the GCL squad's contingent of six catchers, which is not depicted.)

The top 30 prospects are from the writers' poll, and not Baseball America's if you're looking for any particular player.

If you notice any mistakes or think some kind of addition or improvement could be made, please let me know.