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GDT: Today we get extra baseball

go rays

Mitchell Layton

1. I really think that MLB should start incorporating scheduled doubleheaders. It will shorten the season without limiting the number of games. The Player's Union might not want to agree with it but it's definitely best for the game.

2. I'm also a big fan of instant replay. The human element of plays is secondary to getting the calls right. They are working out a few bugs, sure, but it's not so bad. If it stays this way for years I'd be perfectly happy. It's definitely best for the game.

3. Domed stadiums should be mandatory for all stadiums built after 2015. The money lost by rescheduling games is unnecessary. With new times comes new technology, and for baseball to keep up with the times it is important to utilize the best tech possible. I am also in favor of retrofitting all of the older stadiums with a retractable roof, and believe that the owners should foot the bill for everything. It's definitely best for the game.