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GDT: I sure do hope the Rays win today. Go Rays!

Look deeply into those eyes. Deeper. Don't worry about where you are. Your boss/husband/wife will understand. They've already been informed about your circumstances. Lean back into your chair. It seems more relaxing now, doesn't it? Of course it does. Now empty your mind. Like a wet chalkboard. Don't think. Just stare.

Brian Blanco

Here is an interview with Erik "Gregory" Bedard, senior football analyst for I know what you're thinking: "What kind of newspaper is that, with the weird period and three letters at the end of it? What could they mean?" I thought the same thing, but apparently it's a requirement for something called The World Wide Web. Some people like to shorten it to "WWW" but those people should be arrested and shot. Bedard explains:

It was around 2003 when Bedard says he started to realize how important the web--and blogging in particular--was going to be to journalism. In 2007, he became an early adopter of Twitter, becoming what he believes to be the first NFL writer to embrace the new technology. Over the years, Bedard has grown his Twitter following to more than 50,000 followers.

It seems weird I know, but folks, listen to Bedard when he tells you that the World Wide Web is Here. To. Stay. Let's hear it for website computing, also known as web-logging, also known as blogging!

Hip Hip!


Two cheers is enough.