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GDT: Today let's ignore the game and have an irritating talk about "feminist television"

"Why are there no women in baseball?"

Boy, the Baltimore Orioles sure do have some orange uniforms. I like how they're framed by the black trim.


I started watching Orange is the New Black last year when it came out because I was interested in that whole "Netflix as a content producer" angle of TV shows and how that reflects the changing landscape of American television or whatever. At any rate, I really like this show a lot. I love that it has such a massive cast of female characters and that it struggles most episodes to pass the Reverse Bechdel Test. I love its tightrope walk between the hard and impersonal realities of prison life and the warm nougaty center of friendship. Plus, I can't really remember a time where I've ever seen a trans character on a TV show, and I know I've never seen one with the kind of character arc she's had here.

I also am a big fan how it portrays mental illness, and not just the kind you'd see with Crazy Eyes, who btw has had an incredible slow-burn character-defining arc which has pretty much defined how I see the first season. Morello's mental illness that's revealed in season 2 is also pretty surprising, and treated well. Plus, Vee's overbearing "mama-bear" style character traits which I'd argue is certainly a form of mental instability, especially when you consider the lengths that she takes to be taken seriously and muscle her way to the top. She's basically Frank Underwood in minimum security prison.

I've been trying to compare it to Lost-in that it's a character-driven show with an emphasis on flashbacks-but that's pretty much all I have. These are all just uninformed and idiotic musings of an armchair TV critic. Has anyone else here seen it? Does anyone here hate it? It's fun to gush over stuff but it can distract you from the real truth of the matter.

oh my god weve gone 300 words without even approaching baseball quick heres a gif