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GDT: Archer is a great last name for a pitcher


Brian Blanco

The Archer School for Girls is now open for business!

Founded in 1995 by three mothers in search of the ideal school for their daughters, Archer’s arrival on the L.A. educational scene provided families an alternative that didn't previously exist. Combining the latest research on how girls learn best with a 21st-century approach to pedagogy, technology, and social issues, Archer provides more than a traditional, girl-centric learning environment. The school equally prepares young women for leadership in our ever-emerging global world.

I never went to a prep school, and I wonder what the main differences are between that and the cruddy public school I got to go to. Besides the fact that they're all girls, the website says things like class size and developing meaningful relationships with faculty and sustaining a collaborative teaching environment, but those are just buzzwords. My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade class was all combined, and there were still only 10 kids in the class, and it wasn't like I was taking apart VCRs and building robots. Here's the difference:

Middle and Upper School teams in equestrian compete in the Interscholastic Equestrian League (IEL).

MANDATORY EQUESTRIAN TRAINING. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. One time I had horse meat for lunch but that was the closest I got to horses while in middle school.