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Rays Tank: Series win; streaking monkeys

Mitchell Layton

The Rays won a series, driven by five hits (two of them home runs) off the bat of Matt Joyce. They're in New York for a three-game tilt against the Yankees.

BTBS on David Price's ridiculous season (third section of the article).

The Oakland stadium saga should be of interest to Rays fans as well. The Athletics just extended their lease at the Coliseum for ten more years.

Other Links

Great interview by David Laurila with Jason McLeod, senior vice president of player development and amateur scouting for the Cubs.

Jeff Zimmerman has started a comprehensive series on Tommy John surgery.

Monkeys believe in winning streaks (h/t Tango).

Beyond the Box Score has a fun exercise creating and simulating baseball national (and state teams). Check it out and see if you can beat California.