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Rays Tank: American League wins Priceless all-star game

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Home field advantage secured.

Rob Carr

The Rays will have home field advantage in the World Series, and David Price didn't even need to work for it. I call that a win.

Mike Trout was named the MVP of the game, after he went two-for-three with a double and a triple. Miguel Cabrera hit a two-run home run. Controversy?

Adam Wainwright made a joke, and then took it back. Not sure why he had to apologize. People who can't see the joke should be apologizing to him. Especially if they were Reporters who didn't bother to check the facts and notice that the first pitch he "grooved" to Jeter was a fastball about a foot below the zone.

FanGraphs has started up their trade value series, with Rays pitchers Alex Cobb and Chris Archer slotting in as numbers 47 and 45 (no Rays rank 31-49). Dave Cameron points out an interesting tidbit.  Cobb's traditional stats have lagged behind his peripherals, and that will help keep his arbitration down and his value high. Archer, on the other hand, has outperformed his peripherals in ERA and wins. That could have raised his arbitration value over his real value, except for the fact that he's signed an extension and is not subject to the arbitration process.

Price won't need to travel, since the Rays resume regular action against the Twins on Thursday at Target field.