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The Rays Tank: Second half, and GO

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But actually wait until tomorrow because the Rays don't play till then soooo...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPYS happened, you know this, but both Stuart Scott and Michael Sam gave speeches that are worth you taking some time out of your day.

Have the Kleenex handy. You've been warned.

Now, brush those tears away, and enjoy a random collection of links due to the lack of sportsing yesterday:

- Luke Scott was "fired" from his Korean Baseball League team for being disrespectful toward his coach. Maybe he can just start doing appearances as Wolverine for children's birthday parties/Comic Con/X-Men afficianado conferences?

- In an interesting take, someone suggested Derek Jeter's retirement in Tampa Bay should include becoming the face of the Rays franchise...

- Good ol' Jonah Keri provided a Midseason MLB Report, and you should read it if only for the GIF of Billy Hamilton. Oh, and he still has hope in the Rays and has them finishing second in the AL East. I'll take it!

- The Todd Frazier/Derek Jeter then-and-now photo was pretty adorable, let's all admit it.

- Really interesting piece from the Wall Street Journal telling the history of baseball in Japan, and the controversy concerning the tough approach taken on young athletes.

- These are the greatest jerseys to ever exist, end of story, no discussion of competition:

- ICYMI: One badass chick completed an America Ninja Warrior city finals course, and qualified to compete in the finals in Las Vegas and is seriously a DOMINANT human being in a five-foot frame. Just watch in awe: