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GDT: Community is a great show that brings out the worst in people and should be cancelled

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I love it more than anything but God do I want it to die with dignity already.

this is not a baseball picture and i wish it was
this is not a baseball picture and i wish it was

It's like, if you mention Community on the internet, you're met an overwhelming onslaught of adoring fans that throw out #SixSeasonsandaMovie like it's going out of style. OR, on the other hand, you'll get folks who are like "hey, I watched it a little bit, and it's pretty good, but it's nothing to write home about," and then the first group will essentially throw themselves at a wall trying to defend the show and bash the "attacker." I freaking love the show just as much as anyone but it seems like some people would rather watch it stumble along ad infinitum until it's a walking husk of a corpse, grasping with gnarled, cracked hands at pop culture references it can never seem to quite reach.

Look, if no one's gonna take matters into their own hands, I'll do it. It's not Community in there anymore! It's something else! It's what he would have wanted.

*pumps shotgun*


Today the Rays go for a sw**p of the Minnesota Twins at Target Field, but don't say/type it or apparently the Baseball Gods will get pissy.