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VIDEO: Kevin Kiermaier calls Rays highlights as Jay-Z

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Kaiermaier, The Outlaw of the Rays outfield, dropped by the MLB Fan Cave to provide some highlights of a few plays from the Rays' season -- and he did so through his Jay-Z impression, now dubbed "Ray-Z"

Sprinkled in with DJ Kitty on the disc, and that iconic 'Hova laugh, The Outlaw dropped about every Jay-Z reference in the book.

The impression is impressive, and certainly something to laugh along with, but it has enough *facepalm* (99 problems) and some embarrassing video editing to raise a certain question: "Was this a good idea?" And that's what makes it all the more light-hearted, and a bit more genius.

Interview: Kevin Kiermaier, future center fielder for the Tampa Bay Rays

Personal favorite: Raymond vs The Pirate, but the next Longo longball that sails into the stands, I'll suddenly find myself nodding my head to the Black Album as it scrolls through my mind, and I'll smile.