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The Rays Tank: Brief Boxberger strikeout admiration

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Ian's on a plane, so the Tank is late. Sorry guys.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Boxberger was throwing aggressive strikes last night, and had me jumping out of my seat. Here are the payoff pitches for his two, tasty swinging strikeouts:



High Leverage! Rising fastball!

- The Rays are hosting a workshop for little league coaches, offering guidance from the training staff and Jim Hickey himself, followed by a Q&A with Rays players. It's free until the roster is full, and coaches can sign up here.

- Dock of the Rays took a statistical approach on scouting the minor league performances thus far in the system, and I'd call it a must read. His standouts include a bunch of guys that might otherwise fly under the radar but have had nice seasons thus far: A nice litmus test, how many of these names do you recognize?

1. Patrick Leonard
2. Dylan Floro
3. Corey Burns
4. Andrew Bellatti
5. German Marquez
6. Blake Snell
7. Nathan Gannon
8. Grayson Garvin
9. Adam Liberator
10. Ben Grisset
11. Jaime Schultz
12. Jacob Faria

If you answered more than six, you're paying attention, congrats! But you really should still read the deep dive.

- The search is on for the next MLB commish.

Manfred provided side-counsel to the owners during the '94 strike that ruined the Expos, so maybe he's the best guy for baseball's final expansion! He was named COO of MLB in 2010 by Bud Selig.

- Yesterday's comment of the day.

- And finally, some quick tweets:

Six game win streak under way. One more game in St. Louis tonight. Go Rays!