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Rays vs. Brewers, game 2: Zobrist sparks comeback; Cobb fantastic

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Escobar ejected.

Brian Blanco

Another fantastic win for the Rays.

Source: FanGraphs

Scheduling snafu means that this is an abbreviated recap now, so there will be doubly interesting details tomorrow. Four thousand words at least. Some highlights:

  • Ben Zobrist homered to tie the game vs. Matt Garza, and then was part of the rally that delivered the win once Garza was pulled.
  • Alex Cobb was great, striking out 12(!) Brewers in eight innings, nearly all of those strikeouts coming on his splitter.
  • Alex Cobb also disrupted the Brewers reliever, Will Smith, by getting the Rays groudn crew to pour some magic dirt on the mound. Seriously, the guy is amazing.
  • Yunel Escobar got ejected for looking down and muttering, because umpires don't like Yunel Escobar. I get it though. When the guy next to me looks at the ground and mutters on the subway, I move to the next car, but if I had the power of an umpire, I'd surely be drunk on it, and would make him leave instead.
  • For more details, Steve Kinsella has you covered.