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MLB trade deadline: Rays In green

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Oakland now has seven players who have spent time in the Rays organization


With today's trades for Jonny Gomes and Sam Fuld, the Oakland A's now have seven former members of the Rays' organization.

The full list:

  • Scott Kazmir
  • Jason Hammel
  • John Jaso
  • Stephen Vogt
  • Jesse Chavez
  • Jonny Gomes
  • Sam Fuld

Hammel has had moderate success since leaving the team following the 2008 season, most notably with the Orioles in 2012. Kazmir's story has been well publicized. He breathed new life into his career in the independent leagues after being out of the majors for virtually all of 2011-2012. Gomes has made a nice living as a platoon bat, mashing lefties in stops in Cincinnati, Washington, Oakland and Boston. Fuld has been a league average player, bouncing from Oakland to Minnesota, and now back to Oakland this season after spending three seasons with the Rays. Chavez was acquired in November 2009 for Akinori Iwamura and then flipped a month later for Rafael Soriano, so he technically counts in this exercise.

All of those players being former Rays (rather than current Rays) is understandable, and their departure hasn't really hurt the team. The two that have are Jaso and Vogt. Jaso was traded to the Mariners before the 2012 season for reliever Josh Lueke, who has been a disaster in the majors. Jaso has done well since leaving, posting a combined .379 OBP, though the number has dropped in each subsequent season. Vogt went hitless in his 25 at-bat tenure with the Rays before being traded to Oakland as part of a conditional deal. He struggled last season but has a .911 OPS in 160 plate appearances playing first base and catcher this season.

If the Rays don't make the playoffs, count me among the many fans who will be rooting for the A's come October.